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Cork (Parnell Place) Dublin City (Busáras) Dublin Airport (Coach Park Zone 14)
Depart Time: Arrival Time: Arrival Time:
08.30 11.30 11.45
10.30 13.30 13.45
12.30 15.30 15.45
13.30 (F&S)* 16.30 (F&S)* -
14.30 17.30 17.45
15.30 (F&S)* 18.30 (F&S)* -
16.30 19.30 19.45
17.30 (F&S)* 20.30 (F&S)* -
18.30 21.30 21.45
*Operates Fridays & Sundays or Fridays & Mondays, on Bank holiday Weekends


Dublin Airport (Coach Park Zone 14) Dublin City (Busáras) Cork (Parnell Place)
Depart Time: Departure Time: Arrival Time:
08.00 08.30 11.30
10.00 10.30 13.30
12.00 12.30 15.30
- 13.30 (F&S)* 16.30 (F&S)*
14.00 14.30 17.30
16.00 16.30 19.30
- 17.30 (F&S)* 20.30 (F&S)*
18.00 18.30 21.30
- 19.30 (F&S)* 22.30 (F&S)*
*Operates Fridays & Sundays or Fridays & Mondays, on Bank holiday Weekends
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Type Single Return
Adult €13 (online) / €17 (onboard) €22 (online) / €27 (onboard)
Child €9 (online) / €10 (onboard) €15 (online) / €16 (onboard)
Student €13 (online) / €14 (onboard) €20 (online) / €22 (onboard)
Family* €40 (online) / N/A (onboard) €70 (online) / N/A (onboard)
*Family consists of 2 adults and 2 children


Type Single Return
Adult €18 (online) / €20 (onboard) €28 (online) / €30 (onboard)
Child €12 (online) / €14 (onboard) €18 (online) / €21 (onboard)
Student €17 (online) / €18 (onboard) €24 (online) / €25 (onboard)
Family* €54 (online) / N/A (onboard) €90 (online) / N/A (onboard)
*Family consists of 2 adults and 2 children

Travel with GoBé to Bruce Springsteen this May

GoBé are delighted to announce an additional late night service between Dublin City and Cork after the Bruce Springsteen Concerts on 27th & 29th May 2016. This service will depart from Busáras at 23:30 with an arrival time into Cork (Parnell Place) at 02:30. Passengers wishing to avail of this late night service are advised 

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Passenger Travel Notice – Easter Sunday Travel Disruptions

Due to the 1916 Commemorations taking place in Dublin City on Easter Sunday 27th March 2016, there will some changes to services into Dublin City (Busaras). The following services from Cork to Dublin will drop at Dublin Airport first and then continue onto Busaras: 8.30, 10.30, 12.30, 14.30. All other services outside of these times 

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Passenger Travel Notice – St Patrick’s Day Travel Disruptions

Due to diversions in place owing to parade in Dublin City there may be some delays to services getting into Busaras. All services will be departing as normal. Happy St Patrick’s Day from all at GoBé Cork!


GoBé Christmas Timetable 2015/2016

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new GoBé Christmas timetable for 2015, to assist you in making your holiday travel plans. Whether you’re travelling to Dublin or Cork for a day’s shopping or flying out from Dublin Airport to be with friends and family, we’ve got you covered on 

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New GoBé Website Launched

We’re delighted here in GoBé to launch our new website. Based on our passenger feedback, the new site is designed to make booking your GoBé bus ticket even easier and give you all the information you need in order to plan your trip. Our new website features a new section on “Pick-Up” points, with maps 

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Ed Sheeran Competition Winner

Congratulations to Séan Keane who was the winner of our give-away for 2 tickets to see Ed Sheeran play live in Croke Park on Saturday 25th July. Sean will be taking his lovely girlfriend, Sinéad Whyte along with him and hopefully will send us a selfie of themselves enjoying the concert. Will you be our 

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All services depart from the Bus Station at Parnell Place   Click to print map

Dublin City to/from Cork

Our pick up and set down points is Bus Aras in Dublin City Centre   Click to print map

Dublin Airport to/from Cork

Our stop is located in The Coach Park in Dublin Airport. The Coach Park is in Zone 14.   Click to print map


  • Q. Where Can I Purchase A GoBé Bus Ticket?

    A. Tickets for GoBé can be purchased online at or by telephoning the office on +353 (0)91 564600. Tickets can be purchased up to one hour in advance of travel time. Standby tickets can be purchased from the driver, provided they have availability. We strongly recommend booking in advance to guarantee your seat and avail of our best value fares.
  • Q. Where Is The PickUp Point for GoBé?

    A. In Cork City, the GoBé pick-up and drop-off point is from the bus station in Parnell Place. In Dublin City, the GoBé pick-up and drop-off point is from Busáras. At Dublin Airport, the GoBé pick-up and drop-off point is from Zone 14. For a map of our pick-up and drop-off locations, please click here.
  • Q. How Long Is The Journey Time On GoBé?

    A. The journey time between Cork and Dublin City is 3 hours. The journey time between Cork and Dublin Airport is 3 hrs and 15 mins. Please note, circumstances beyond our control such as traffic delays can have an affect on our journey time. Therefore please leave adequate time when booking your ticket.
  • Q. What Price Is A GoBé Ticket?

    A. Please check our list of fares by clicking here.
  • Q. Are There Any Stops on GoBé?

    A. Our GoBé service is a non-stop service between Cork and Dublin City, therefore we have no stops along the journey to either pick-up or drop-off passengers.
  • Q. Is There WiFi on-board GoBé?

    A. All our services offer free WiFi and sockets for charging electrical devices. Please ask your driver for the location of the sockets when you board the coach.
  • Q. Are there WC Facilities on GoBé

    A. All our coaches are fitted with on-board WC facilities and air-conditioning.
  • Q. Can I Bring A Bicycle On-Board GoBé?

    A. Where possible, we try to accommodate the transportation of bicycles but are limited to two bicycles per service. Therefore bicycles must be booked on in advance, by calling +353 (0)91 564600. Please note there is a €5 fee payable to the driver to transport a bicycle.
  • Q. Is There A Lost Property Office For GoBé?

    A. If you lose property on GoBé, please contact our head office on +353 (0)91 564600 or email with details of the property lost along with the time and date of travel.
  • Q. Do You Take The Free Travel Pass on GoBé?

    A. Unfortunately we do not accept the free travel pass for travel on our GoBé service.
  • Q. What Age Is A Child Fare?

    A. A child is classified as being between the age of 4 and 14 years inclusive. Children under 4 years of age are classified as an infant and there is no charge for their travel. Children 15 years and older should purchase a student ticket.


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